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Monday, 13 September 2010

Comment from Rika

From the beginning Steve taught me to have confidence in speaking English.
I’m an outgoing person and I’m not afraid of talking to people who I’ve never met.
However when I spoke to people in English for the first time, the words couldn’t come out at all and I couldn’t even say 90 percent of all I wanted to say. So it made me rush and I was always irritated and I lost my confidence. It was a vicious circle. I think that many of the Japanese who study English have the same problem as I have.
On such occasions, Steve always said “Don’t panic” and “Calm down" I learnt that these are very important for me.
Another important thing is,he can listen attentively to my speaking and he can correct my mistakes after I finish speaking. It is difficult for me to try to speak English quickly and it takes a long time, but he can wait with patience until I finish speaking. In reality, nobody waits for me to say everything I want to say, so I feel that taking time in Steve’s lessons is precious time for me. He taught me the way to make a sentence while I spoke in English as well. Therefore I’m getting back my pace and my confidence.
I think that a non English speaker needs a lot of time to make sentences in English. It’s important that a teacher can wait for you patiently without yawning. Because if you saw a teacher who was getting tired of listening to you as you spoke English,you would become nervous and wouldn’t be able to continue to speak English.
So you need a teacher who is patient and you should definitely find a teacher who has a lot of skill teaching English. I think that Steve is a person like that.




Monday, 5 July 2010


Studuji angličtinu již několik let a vím, že studium cizích jazyků je v podstatě celoživotní proces. Zároveň vím, jak důležité je najít opravdu dobrého učitele, který odhalí vaše slabé stránky a najde způsob, jak vás správně povzbudit a motivovat k lepším výsledkům.
Já jsem takového učitele našla v Londýně. Jmenuje se Steve.
Nejvíce jsem ocenila jeho vyučovací metody a lásku k jazyku, kterou dokázal přenést na své studenty. Jeho hodiny byly vždy velice poučné, plné užitečných rad, ale nikdy nebyly nudné.
Také jsem obdivovala jeho individuální přístup ke každému studentovi.
On zkratka věděl, že studenti z různých zemí se potýkají s odlišnými problémy a vždy dokázal nám pomoci je vyřešit.
Děkuji Stevovi za výbornou práci. Při příští návštěvě Londýna ho určitě poprosím о další lekce.
S pozdravem,
Natalia Nikitěnko
Brno, Czech Republic